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Volume I – Issue V

We Love Wine…

Because it is romantic, it is seductive. We love wine because it speaks of a time and place. Wine captures the moment the grape was plucked from the vine.  It recalls the passion of the winemaker who nurtures it through fermentation then ages it to maturation and finally turns it over for all to share.    It is of course, more than just a beverage.


~Russell Turco 


For your Information

We take social distancing guidelines and recommendations from the CDC and local authorities very seriously, but also recognize that people have a choice in deciding whether to visit our winery.
At great cost, we have gone above and beyond to provide a safe and clean environment for our guests and staff.
While we certainly recommend all staff and visitors wear masks, tasting wine with a properly worn mask is, well, impossible. So those who choose to not wear a mask inside the tasting room assume the risk.
Given our ample outdoor space of over 8 acres, guests who are uncomfortable with gathering indoors can certainly avoid doing so, while still having an enjoyable Winery experience along with food from our Vino!Vino! Wine Bar.

Russell Turco, Proprietor


The late comedian Henny Youngman once explained the secret of his long relationship with his wife. “We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week,” he said.”A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays.”


WHAT Smells?

Smell is about enjoyment. The fragrance industry plays an important role in our lives – from perfume to household products. In the business of food and drink, smelling is essential. The sense of smell prepares your brain for what it is about to taste.

In wine, the cooperation between nose and brain is very important. What you smell and the brain’s ability to remember and categorize the flavors are what differentiate wine critics and writers from everyday wine drinkers who can’t necessarily pinpoint the ‘tomato leaf’ on the nose.

Of course it is not necessary to identify those fine differences in flavor when it doesn’t pay your salary. We can enjoy the smell of perfume without identifying the patchouli (yuck) or orange blossom. We can enjoy Cabernet Sauvignon without being able to differentiate between blueberry and black cherry, can’t we?


A friend brought a bottle of our 1999 Avventura. 

Now known as Aventura as Avventura reads like Awwentura not Aventura.

Note: The 1999 was a salute to Cher in honor of her 71st birthday back in 1999!


These are real terms taken from real wine reviews, I 

wonder how the winemakers feel about these?

-Alcohol fortified pancake syrup

-All the charm of a mouthful of steel wool


-Aromas eerily reminiscent of a live lobster

-Asian lady beetles



-Artificial cough drops

-Aged grease monkey

-Aged vension stew air freshener


Had enough? These are just the A’s


We have French and American Oak barrels for sale at $150 each – cash & carry. One fits in most SUV’s.