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Volume I | Issue III


We love wine…

Because it is romantic, it is seductive. We love wine because it speaks of a time and place. Wine captures the moment the grape was plucked from the vine. It recalls the passion of the winemaker who nurtures it through fermentation then ages it to maturation and finally turns it over for all to share. It is of course, more than just a beverage.


~Russell Turco |Proprietor

We're Proud to annouce..

six foot saturday

(sunday too!)

Stone's Throw Tasting Room,
Vino!Vino! and Bocce Pizza


yes, martha, wine, food, and jamie on keyboards too!

Full food and wine tasting this weekend!

tasting Room | 11-5

Vino!Vino! | 12-7

Bocce Pizza | 12-6

yes, milwaukee, chicago, and burbs - you are
welcome here!

At Stone’s Throw, we treat our patrons like family! As such, we want to assure you that we are maintaining full compliance with all state and local ordinances in order to provide you with a safe, enjoyable experience. we ask that you please extend the same courtesy to those around you. Jamie Fletcher’s performance weather permitting.

Thank you for your business! We look forward to doing what we do best… serving you!

~ As always, only at Stone’s Throw Winery

Fools in the news

Read it and believe it... from my vault of huh?

(my personal comments in red.)

In early January, diners at Bobby Flay’s Steak House in Atlantic City were left with a bitter taste in their mouths when a garbled sommeliers recommendation left them with a $3750.00 wine bill. Here we go-

The diners were Joe Lentini, his boss and business associates expecting a good meal and wine for their ‘power dinner’. Already spells trouble.

Lentini told how he, not being the host but an esteemed guest, was the man tasked with choosing the wine for their meal. “I asked the sommelier if he could suggest something decent because I don’t have much experience with wine”, Lentini said.

“The sommelier pointed to a bottle on the menu. I didn’t have my glasses so I asked how much? He said, ‘Thirty-seven, fifty’. First of all, Mr. Lentini, when was the last time a bottle of wine in a high end restaurant was $37.50?

A taste of wine was served to him to sample. he approved and the bottle was placed on his table.

“It was O.K., it was good. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t terrible, it was fine.” But of course, is it good, okay, great, terrible, fine?

This wine was a bottle of 2011 Screaming Eagle – a California red with a cult following that commands top dollar prices. No, commands ridiculous prices, keeping in mind that very few wines on the planet cost more than $60.00 to produce. And, oh yes, Mr. Lentini, it’s “O.K.”

When the bill was presented and a discount (from a P.R savvy management) brought the $3750.00 bottle down to $2200 (what a savings!) the guests agreed to split the cost of the pricey pour. Personal guess: Lentini is looking for a new job.

“Next time I’m going to ask for a wine list. I want to know exactly what I am ordering”, Lentini said. A genius remark from a non-genius.

We strongly suggest if you would like to invest $3750.00 on wine, make it Stone’s Throw —

that’ll get you about 150 bottles.

If interested, contact us, not Mr. Lentini



Hurry this terrific offer ends soon!

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